News and events:
  • The East Central CN Transformation Plan (Plan) was submitted to the Department of Housing and Urban Land (HUD) on October 10th 2014. The Plan can be found here and its correspondent Appendices here. Thanks to all who made this effort possible.
  • The East Central CN Transformation Plan Draft (Plan) was submitted to the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) on April 11th 2014. The Plan can be found here.
  • Press (04.02.14) - Columbia’s Choice Neighborhood Initiative in the news.
“I believe that the community – in the fullest sense: a place and all its creatures – is the smallest unit of health and that to speak of the health of an isolated individual is a contradiction in terms.” ― Wendell Berry
Communities Seek Revitalization through Choice Neighborhoods Initiative
In September of 2012, the Columbia Housing Authority received the Choice Neighborhood Planning grant through the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to create a transformation plan for the two of Columbia’s oldest public housing sites – Gonzales Gardens and Allen Benedict Court, located in the heart of East Central Columbia.  The Authority will collaborate with the public housing residents, community stakeholders, and the CN partners to develop localized revitalization strategies which address the needs of people, housing, and the neighborhood.

The transformation planning is a 24-month process led by the Authority to create a plan based on the community vision.  Since the grant award, the Authority has accomplished several tasks, while several are ongoing and some will be completed over the course of the planning grant period.  As such the Authority is not starting the planning process from scratch; in the last decade, there has been several redevelopment plans and master plans done in the area and the Authority will be building the transformation plan on the foundation of those planning efforts.  The transformation plan will revisit the recommendations made under various plans and will update them based on the current and future needs and vision for the community.

The ultimate goal of the transformation plan is to revitalize and redevelop the distressed public housing sites and to transform the CN area into a Neighborhood of Choice for the 21st century.